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Covisus, through its proprietary DTEK technology, can track and determine conformance of physical items to original manufacturing condition without the use of external tags. Well-established thermodynamic principles hold that material surfaces have a randomized structure at the micrometer and nanometer scale. Like a fingerprint, an iris scan, or a snow flake, these patterns are unique and intrinsic to each individual item and cannot be predicted or replicated.

We have demonstrated that these unique and intrinsic patterns on the surface of an item can be characterized, catalogued and used for tracking the item. Furthermore, this information can be used for determining the manufacturing process used to fabricate the item and thereby determine the conformance of the item to authentic manufacturing environments.

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Covisus Corp. is focused on delivering unparalleled return on investment and risk mitigation for high-value industries including Biopharmaceutical, Aerospace, Defense, and Medical.

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